PR Friendly

PR Friendly:

If your company has a product or service you'd like reviewed, you've come to the right place. Additionally, I can increase exposure to your site or business by sponsoring a giveaway.

I am happy to write and post a review of your product or service at no charge other than the cost of non-returnable product(s). You ship the product to me (and the contest winner, if applicable) at your expense in exchange for the review.

A giveaway generates excitement, thereby increasing your exposure here and driving more traffic to your website. If requested, I can use your logo, text links and/or photos in the review and giveaway.

Average turnaround time for me to sample and review a product is 2-3 weeks. If you’d rather have your review posted at a different time to coincide with a product launch or advertising campaign, I can do that.

The blog entry featuring your review (and giveaway) will be promoted on Twitter and Facebook, and submitted to giveaway sites, if appropriate/desired.

Please note: I will write an honest review. My opinions will not be influenced by complimentary products. 

Want to get in touch?
email: langleywrites(at)yahoo(dot)com