About the Cat

Meet Jet, he’s our cat. The same day we randomly visited the animal shelter and fell in love with Frosty, Jet was shoved into our lives.

I wasn’t a cat person but my husband was. (Our story is here:  Expectations of a First Time Cat Owner). We decided that Frosty was going home with us that day. As we were filling out the dog-adoption paperwork and going through the interviewing process, we became friendly with the animal shelter staff. One of the gals not-so-innocently asked if we liked cats. My husband answered with a resounding ‘yes, I do’. Within a flash, she thrust a tiny ball of fur into my husband’s grizzled hands.

Jet was far too young to be without a mama cat. His eyes were not open and he looked too small to live. I couldn’t get my head wrapped around this small, defenseless kitten staying in the cold animal shelter. As my mind was processing all this information, I took a look at my husband and I knew. I said, I guess he’s coming home with us. Yep.

He is our heart in a fur coat.