About the Dog

Meet our dog, Frosty. We rescued her from the animal shelter on her last day. She had a rough start in this world. A fearful, quaking mess, she was plastered against the cold cement floor, trying to make herself invisible. It was working, everyone walked right past her.

It’s unclear how we ended up at the shelter that day. I think it was a drive-by, ‘hey, let’s drop in’ type deal. Anyway, something made us go there. Among the throngs of homeless animals, this pitiful trembling pup caught my attention.   

We asked to visit with her in a ‘get acquainted’ room and the shelter staff member placed her in the center of the room. She just hovered there, paralyzed with fear. I began to speak softly to this sweet bundle of nerves but she couldn’t move. After what seemed like a long time, she shyly glanced in my direction. I continued my coaxing murmurs. She slowly crawled on her belly towards me. When she got in range, she took a quick lick of my ankle. My husband took one look at me and said, I guess she’s coming home with us. Indeed.

She is our heart in a fur coat.

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