Friday, November 25, 2011

A Dog, a 30-Foot Window and a Thanksgiving Miracle

Our dog is a shy, fearful American Bulldog mix. When we have large crowds at the house, she gets agitated. Under those circumstances, she’s more comfortable in the upstairs guest bedroom where she can lounge on the bed and look out the window. So that’s where she was yesterday during our Thanksgiving celebration.

The meal started at noon, so we put Frosty in ‘her’ room and made sure she had a favorite toy, plenty of water, and her blanket. One of our guests brought a small child with a big voice; the little guy yelled and squealed for 2 hours—a sound our dog’s not accustomed to hearing. In retrospect, I’m sure that commotion caused her additional stress.

Once thanks were given and everyone was sated, the crowd began to thin. That’s when the husband goes upstairs to spring our sweet dog from captivity and let her enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Where is Frosty?
What do you mean?
Where is she?
In the bedroom.
She’s not here.
Yes she is.
No she’s not. She’s not in here.

Confused, I take the stairs 2-at-a-time. He looks under one bed as I crawl under the other. We fling open closet doors and turn over chairs. She's not in the room. We comb the house. No sign of her. It’s like she vaporized, vanished. Then my heart drops through the floor. We left the window in her bedroom slightly cracked, no more than 1/2-inch. It's now fully opened. I looked down; it’s a 30-foot drop. No way. It couldn’t be. The husband follows my train of thought and we fly back down the stairs and out the front door. That’s when the nightmare began in earnest. A broken Sego palm and crushed Lantana confirmed my worst fear. Our dog somehow opened the window and jumped from the third story.

It took all of my strength not to crumble right there but I knew we had to find her immediately and get her to the emergency vet. A large-scale search commenced, friends and strangers joined the effort. 5 hours passed and day became night. I was in anguish. The mind can go into dark places; I was sure she was broken to pieces, hiding in pain, waiting out the inevitable. I tortured myself with what-ifs.

After over 6 hours passed (she took flight between noon and 2:00pm) a neighbor and I prepared to drive to an area that hadn’t been canvassed. Before we got in her car, I called for Frosty once more.

She came trotting up to me, apparently unscathed. No scratches, bruising, limping, swelling, whining… nothing. I was so tired and overwrought I thought it was a mirage. But it was real. It was her. 

She seemed fine. Since she’d had enough excitement for one day we all went to bed. First thing this morning we took her to the vet. After a thorough exam, the vet was as astonished as we were. In fact, he said this was the most amazing thing he’d seen in his 30+ year practice. He laughingly told us the dog in the next room broke his leg jumping off a couch. Our dog didn’t even have a superficial wound. Not one bump or bruise. All her bones were fine, her internal organs checked out. It’s as if the 30-foot jump/fall never happened.

What I’m thankful for today:
  • Miracles
  • Friends and family that will drop everything and circle the wagons
  • Outstanding neighbors, the ones we know and the ones we didn’t know until last night
  • Super supportive on-line friends, especially those that follow @sweetestdog on Twitter
  • A tough dog that’s built like a tank 
The long drop


Jo said...

Oh my gosh, what a Thanksgiving miracle! So happy she is okay. WOW.

Word Nerd said...

Holy cow! Cats are said to have nine lives, but not dogs. ;O)

Brenda Stevens said...

omy GAWD.////I AM JUST READING THIS NOW..PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS A MIRACLE ALRIGHT! thank GOD she's ok!!1 those bulldogs..they are something else aren't they!!!!!!!!!!!! wow ,maybe someone let her out..i still cant believe it

Langley Cornwell said...

Yeah, it's a real miracle. Nobody let her out because 1) we had a chair propped against the outside of the door because she can open our doors easily and 2) it was clear where she landed; the brush was crumpled and the lantana was crushed. We are still completely amazed.

Julia Williams said...

Wow, that truly is a miracle. She must have floated down to the ground on the back on her angel.

CaroSCAT said...

A miracle indeed! But they do put us through it, don't they! Bless them. So glad she's ok.

Thanks for popping by my blog and leaving a comment. Appreciate it :)

Linda said...

Just now getting a chance to read this one. That's one brave little girl to take a leap like that! Thank goodness she was OK.

I know the feeling, too. Came home from work one night and found the screen knocked out of my kitchen. It overlooks the dog pen and is on the second story from that angle. One of the cats had been laying in the window and the screen apparently wasn't snapped down correctly. He was fine and it was fortunate that there had been a lawn chair sitting right under the window. He must have landed on the chair. I found him wandering around the dog pen not sure at all where he was, but he was fine otherwise. No injuries, but scared the crap out of me.

animal lover, quilt lover said...

Frosty is a lucky girl!! You Langley are lucky!!!
A true Thanksgiving miracle!!!!!
So happy for all!!!!
xx,Zoie & Fern

Julie said...

Oh my gosh, I'm nearly in tears just reading this!! I can't imagine what must have went through your mind, what a terrible experience. SO thrilled that your beautiful girl is okay, thank goodness!!

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