Thursday, September 1, 2011

When Will We Get Another Dog?

We go to the Charleston Animal Shelter often, it’s a favorite pastime. The main reason we go is to give the shelter animals human interaction and love. My hidden agenda is that I REALLY want another dog. Badly. I’ve wanted to add on to our family for a while now.

There was a dog at the shelter last week that made me freeze in my tracks. My eyes opened wide and my heart pounded. She looked like a battered and worn out version of our sweet Frosty. There were sores around her neck where she had been kept on a chain. Every rib was visible.

In spite of her difficult, (probably miserable) start in life, she was a happy, loving dog. Tail wagging, she came right to us—trusting us completely—and gave us kisses. My heart went from pounding to melting.

There is one salient point my husband and I must remember. The timing is wrong for us to add more animals to our pack. We’re trying to sell our house and it’s difficult (Sell Already, Damn House). Still, we fell madly in love with this sweet dog.

Because we’re reasonable people, we left the animal shelter to think about it. Even though my sensibilities directed me to wait, my emotions were getting the best of me. We talked about that sad and beautiful dog all evening. The next morning, Eddie called the shelter to check on her. She had been adopted.

I'm confident that the right dog will come along at the right time.

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Daphne said...

Oh Langley! That's so bittersweet. Trust that "someone" felt this wasn't the time for you to have another pet. Have faith and as you correctly said, the right one WILL come along. Charming post, as always.

Jenn said...

I'm so happy the sweet dog was adopted--what a terrible start to her life!! Even though you felt that connection--I hope and pray she is in a great home with lots of love and care. I am sure you will find the right dog when the time is right ;)

Cheers, Jenn

Joyce Lansky said...

I'll bet if you got the dog, you wouldn't be sorry.


Eliza Wynn said...

It's so hard when you want a dog so badly but the timing is wrong. Thankfully, that wonderful dog you fell in love with found a home.

You know how I look up all those urgent pets and tweet about them? Well, every now and then, one gets to me really badly and all I can do is think about her (well, usually her). I can't stop talking about her; I can't sleep. All I do is worry and cry.

Benny and Lily said...

we love forever home stories. Why are people so cruel to their pets sometimes
Benny & Lily

Slamdunk said...

That must have been a tough call, but I am glad the loving friend found a new home.

Mojo Writin' said...

So glad she had found a home. You have a loving heart, Langley and I'm sure another little 'lame duck' is waiting around the corner, for when the time is right. I look forward to meeting him/her!

Cyndi said...

From the description you gave, only a loving, caring soul (such as you) would consider adopting this dog. I am sure that whoever took her is going to bring her back to health and provide a happy home for her. That's what it is all about isn't it. It has to be about the amimals. I love them, and have had many, many pets in my life, but there have been long stretches with no furry friends by my side. Why, because it wasn't in the best interest of the animal for me to be their human companion at that time. Given your residential situation, another dog might add stress to the home, and that wouldn't be good for any of the animals in your family, four or two legged.
You were wise to wait and fate stepped in. I know that when you sell your house and are settled in a new place, there will be a menagerie blossom from your roots. I hope I am around to witness it!

Kathy said...

I am so glad the dog was adopted and found a home!! I hope its new owners are able to bring it back to good health and that it thrives from their love and attention. This is such a heartwarming post. I am an old softy and it is almost impossible for me to walk away from a furry friend.

Linda said...

That's how my mom ended up with a dog from a puppy mill. She just couldn't leave one little guy behind. My mom was wanting to get another dog and I went with her when she saw an ad in the newspaper. At the time, we didn't realize it was a puppy mill, but it only took a few minutes for it to sink in. The longer we stayed, the more disgusted we got and the sadder we felt for all the pups and dogs crowded into muddy pens. It didn't take long for us to decide to leave and we were almost to my car when one of the dogs began to bark insistently. An American Eskimo pup was sitting in the middle of a muddy pen barking as loud as he could for us to come back. So we did and neither of us had the heart to walk away and leave him there. I know all about puppy mills and the reason why we shouldn't buy a pup from people who have no compassion for the animals, but the puppy sort of choose us. We did turn the puppy mill owner in, but by the time the cops paid her a visit; she had packed up and was gone. Dogs and all. Guess she'd been through that before. She was finally got, charged and shut down.

Laura Rogers said...

Awwww, I know you want a dog as I have read how your selling your house. Your perfect dog will come at just the right time. Great job on the prompt.

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