Monday, August 29, 2011

Have a Portrait Painted of your Pet

July 14th was a lucky day for me. Audra Jones read a blog post here and contacted me privately. She offered to do a pet watercolor in exchange for a review of her work. I was excited at the prospect and even more enthusiastic when I checked out her work (see AJs Art Studio). This girl has talent, and who doesn’t want a portrait of their four-legged friends?

After a brief email exchange, I sent Audra several pictures of sweet Frosty. I am a lousy photographer so, even though her work is incredible, my expectations were low. The old adage: garbage in, garbage out kept playing in my head. And Frosty isn’t a ‘regular dog.’ (Neither is yours? Really?) Her markings are haphazard and her eyeliner is a mess. I couldn’t believe my crummy photos would give Audra enough to work with.

Seeing is believing. I am blown away.

What I sent

The masterpiece
 WOW, right!? She nailed it.

About the painter:
Audra has been painting for most of her life.  She began painting pets when her mother suggested Audra paint a portrait of a friend’s dog that recently passed away. She painted the dog as a memorial and a business was born.

While Audra is most often commissioned to paint dogs, her portfolio is filled with a variety of animals. She’s painted cats, deer, lizards and other wildlife. She is willing to paint any animal you’d like (and have a photograph of). 

If you want an incredible watercolor of your beloved pet, take a look at Audra’s work. Get a pet portrait of your animal and remember they make thoughtful and treasured gifts or keepsakes.  

Audra’s artwork can be found on Etsy and at Second Saturday Studio in Downtown Searcy, Arkansas.
Fine print:
-Framed & Matted Watercolor of 1 Animal: $175 (includes US shipping)
-Painting and mat will be 8x10; the total package will be larger when framed
-Preferred photos are head shots in natural light
-Frame choices: black, light, or dark wood
-Mat choices: white or black
-Prints and other sizes are available by request
-Contact info: Etsy, Facebook, Blog, Website, Twitter

Now I'm going to get her to paint our cat.


Marian said...

Wow! It's really pretty! I wish that I could afford that! It's really nice! I love it!

Benny and Lily said...

wow, very cool!
Benny & Lily

Jenn said...

She absolutely nailed it!! Wow! I'm going to check her out! :)

Kathy said...

Wow!! That is amazing!!! How cool to have a painting of your best friend. Love it!


Anonymous said...

She did a great job.

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